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Policy areas

The following policy areas affect the quality of life in the United States. Tech Policy Voice offers courses, podcasts, and other resources for each policy area.‚Äč


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Imagine what the possibilities would be if everyone had access to high-speed internet, the digital skills, and the technology necessary to contribute to such an enormous marketplace.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Slider: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

No longer a mere trend on the horizon, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become central to the world in which we live. For underrepresented communities, this presents both risks and opportunities.

Diversity and inclusion

Slider: Diversity and inclusion

The tech sector remains among the least diverse in the economy. When one set of biases is disproportionately reflected in our technology and algorithms, it can reinforce existing inequality.


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Educational standards vary by location. So does quality of education.

Privacy and data security

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The federal government and state governments have established laws to protect privacy and data security.

5G wireless

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Evolving wireless policy should promote competition among carriers, flexible use, and transparency.